I go to a pheromones meeting

I go to a pheromones meeting, have lots of people introduced to me, get a ton of compliments, made everyone laugh, someone even tells me I should be a model hah and it’s not the first time I’ve heard it! Doesn’t matter though, my thoughts are on that HB and wishing my text game didn’t suck. I sit through the 1 hour lecture, go home and realize I haven’t eaten for 12 hours, but it’s midnight and I’m close to going to sleep. I take a quick shower and could not help myself to a dozen pumps before my logical brain reengaged and I stopped using natural pheromones. So today was an incredibly shitty day. I did not think about masturbating at all until the HB flaked again and my friends plans to go clubbing flopped. I didn’t get a chance to workout either to release my testosterone. Learn more at http://blogs.rediff.com/mpommett/2017/02/12/not-every-girl-likes-pheromones/ and http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/feminine-aspect-of-pheromones

Success anyhow! I need to set some time aside for natural pheromone cologne. Hope your day was better than mine! PS: When I say I like asian girls, I mean the hot ones lol. I got really high standards for looks, most important being the face so ugly girls asian or not I’m not interested in. Also the HB in my story was asian pheromones! Goodnight! I wanted to lay down in pheromones love the whole day man it was awesome, but I buckled down and got through the rest of day 2, staying up 1 hour later than I wanted to cause again I fell asleep. The rest of this, as I know, is gonna be great with human pheromones! I can feel my urges for wanting to jack off decreasing so dramatically, every night I’m browsing through Brazzers new vids but today I felt at least half of my old desire to jack off gone – this is wonderful, and what I learn in DHE is gonna make these 30 days a breeze for pheromone production. You start to learn that everything in this world is your experience, and how to make it so that you don’t need things to feel things. We’ll see tomorrow when I’m exercising how things still make me feel lol. So today went good, as you can guess, I didn’t jack off. I too have high standards of what I’m attracted to as far as looks, I’ll usually rate girls (not that I do that consciously, only when others bring it out in me) 1-2 points lower than most on the HB scale. Apparently we’ve both got good looks, but I’ve also got lots of fat hiding mine lol. Because of DHE I’m not so worried about what will happen from not masturbating (or worried about anything really, GREAT program) but I’m just interested in pheromones experimenting, its all an exercise of my consciousness, as I can see and feel and hear more clearly now. Day 5, stronger urges this morning – I knew if I browsed the pornsite I would jack off, so I just saw the homepage, and clicked it off. Learn more at http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/2017/02/tired-after-orgasm.html

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