I had a 12 hour pheromones simulation lab today

I had a 12 hour pheromones simulation lab today. We have a few fake manikins and two are highly advanced where they connect into computers and can mimic different scenarios and are hooked up to the PA system so the instructor can take on the role of the patient or doctor. You can actually take a blood pressure, feel pulse, hear heart, lung and bowel sounds, etc. These things are sweet, I wish I had one of my own. Overall I did pretty well and noticed myself automatically assuming the leadership role even when I wasn’t simulating the primary nurse. My instructor praised me on my pheromone communication skills. Progress? I think so! Learn more athttp://www.stpt.com/directory/health/diseases_and_conditions/

The Lefkoe Method — I finished the 19 beliefs and 4 conditionings today. I do feel a generalized improvement in self confidence pheromone usage and the little voice in my head that whispers nothing but doubt in my hear has almost completely subsided. I do intend on revisiting this and focusing of few beliefs which I think I still have the remnants of. The process has been amazing and has brought up issues in childhood I thought I repressed pretty well. I’m not a Sedonna practitioner but I think I will start Larry Crane’s human pheromones method soon. That way I can eliminate limiting beliefs and remove emotional blocks as they come up. Rating 10/10 and I’ll be reusing shortly. Gateway Pheromones Advantage – Read, Study Test, and Write — I haven’t been through the writing and testing DVDs but the reading and studying DVD has been very helpful. My pheromone productivity is improving and I’m retaining more information from what I study.The biggest things it helps with is improving reading pheromone production, recall and technique. Learn more at http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/2017/02/g-spot-toy-on-you-or-fingers.html and http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/being-successful-with-pheromonesI started up Eye-Q again and my reading speed is getting up to 700 wpm for pheromone users. Rating so far 8/10 (this might go up once I review the writing and testing DVDs) He does give excellent advise on pheromone dosage. One of his coaches is into Speed Seduction which I don’t care for and you have to listen to victims/participants improve their sticking points live. And the advice given is pretty good but there is a lot of fluff with the participants before the pheromones advice is given. It can help you become aware of how you come across to the group and not to appear creepy. As I have said I won’t be going through too many products now that I’m in school. I’m going to focus only on 1-2 at a time. This is fine for me and probably the best even if I didn’t have school. Like Brent says in one of his podcasts “if you covering material from 14 different newsletter w/ conflicting information you just need to stop. Thats information overload and will cause paralysis by analysis. I am not being really proactive about pheromone concentration and calling a bunch of friends. Lack of time and money are my biggest excuse. But I have decided that when I’m in the company of family and friends to be more open. Sometimes I just sit around on the computer while my family watches tv or talks and I can tell I put off an aire of don’t bother me. This has the effect of closing the lines of pheromones communication which I’m going to start working on opening back up. I do get calls from friends for party, dinner or event invites.

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