Beirut may be a city of less than 2 million, but most of the time it feels more like a small town where everyone seems to know each other. This is great news if you’re new to the city and trying to meet people. It just takes a few contacts to get your social network started, and before you know it you’ll feel like you know everyone in Beirut, too.

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There are Beirut events happening all the time in the city that is why it is an ideal city to meet people. Lebanese tend to be very outgoing and sociable and are willing to accept new people into their social circles. Also, most Beirut is speak English (along with French and Arabic) so you won’t find that language is a barrier to meeting people. Here are the tips to help you meet people and build your social network in Beirut.

Check out the local Couch Surfing community

Beirut has a lively Couch Surfing community and it’s not all about hosting travelers or finding a “couch” to sleep on. In fact, in Beirut most people don’t host travelers since they either don’t have the extra space or live with their parents (as most Lebanese do until they get married), rather, they plan activities, cultural events, and outdoor excursions to get travelers and locals together. By getting involved with the Lebanese Couch Surfing community you’ll put yourself in touch with a large circle of people who are not only open to meeting and welcoming foreigners, but looking to engage in cultural exchange.

Get active on Social Media like Twitter and Blogging

A lot of young Beirut are very active in social media and you should be too. The internet is a great way to start engaging with locals and making connections. Reading tweets from people living in Beirut is a great way to start to get a sense of what’s going on in the city and what people are talking about. Start a conversation by replying to someone’s tweet, or talk about events that you’re attending or places you are visiting, adding in a hashtag (such as #Beirut, #Lebanon, etc.) so that people can join in your conversation.

Read blogs by Lebanese bloggers. There is a big blogging community here in Beirut, and just like Twitter you can use blogs to get a Lebanese perspective as well as to find out what’s happening in the city. If you’re up for it, start your own blog! The blogging community in Lebanon is very welcoming and you’ll find that if you comment on others’ blogs, they’ll come over to check out yours. If you happen to be writing about Beirut there’s a chance you could even become a local personality. Use Facebook and websites such as Beirut.com and Time Out Beirut to search for local events.

Find interest groups

Another way to build your social network is to find interest groups. Think about what sort of activities or clubs you would be interested in back home and chances are you’ll find a similar group in Beirut. Through groups, you’ve made meaningful and lasting friendships with both Lebanese and other foreigners.

Take a Language Class (Arabic, French, or otherwise!)

Yes, English is widely spoken in Beirut so it’s not absolutely necessary to learn either Arabic or French to get around in Beirut, but still you may want to learn some of the local language in order to be more aware of your surroundings, engage in polite exchanges, and understand the culture better. So you may be thinking, how am I going to meet locals by taking a language class in the local language?

Language classes tend to be small, intimate classes and students get to know each other pretty well, so it’s not uncommon to make friends with the other students in your class. Making friends with other students is likely to get you invited to parties or events, which will put you in contact with their network of friends, both Lebanese and foreign. And, since Lebanese tend to be dominant in one of the three languages, it’s not unheard of to find a Lebanese in an Arabic or a French class along with you.


One of the most significant home improvement investments which a home owner can make is to have a high quality roof installed at the home. The roof is one of the most essential parts of any home as it protects the home and everything inside the home from various kinds of elements along with shielding the people living in the home from the worst heat and cold year round. You need to understand that if you are having a high quality roof installed then it would last for decades, whereas a faulty or poorly installed one might lead to leaks, mildew, mold, etc after only a few years. In order to make sure that you are getting the best roofing services, you need to get estimates from at least three Fort Smith roofing companies and compare them. For accuracy, the reliable quotes contain several essential elements which include the following:

Materials list from roofers
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Labor and time estimates
Even if two roofers gives an estimate that they would take four days for installing the roof but it is not necessary that they would be providing the same number of labor. You need to ask them whether they would be assigning professional and licensed installers for installing your roof or whether they would be assigning sub-contractors for completing the task. There are different kinds of labors, one might be inexpensive but would provide not so good roofing services, while the other might be more skilled and experienced. So you should carefully compare each of the Fort Smith roofing companies before you finally hire any of them. Another important thing which you need to know is that the amount of labor and time might differ widely from one roofing job to the other, so when you find quotes which are higher than the quotes offered to your neighbors then you need to look closely at your home. A more complex roofing structure would require more attention and time.

Clean-up and disposal
The best Fort Smith roofing companies always take the initiative of clean-up and disposal so the customer won’t have to take the headache of doing these tasks. If you reach your home and find a beautiful new roof but find your yard littered with the wrappers from the shingles, nails, etc then you need to immediately call the roofer and let the roofer know that the job has not been done completely.


Wow 4 parts already regarding human pheromones! I did something yesterday to help myself. I have always been a fairly linier guy where everything is in a straight line. Life, work, friends etc. where it’s just one thing after another. I ALWAYS plan things in advanced, it’s like a very bad habbit of mine and that’s the topic of this rant. I Plan. Don’t know why I enjoy using pheromones. I just like to have a plan of what I’m going to do. Doesn’t sound to bad right? I mean I have a few things planned out for my life in the future not some overly obsessed person that has every day of my life planned out, far from that in fact. I do however plan everything that I’m about to do with real pheromone usage. Take, for example, my perfect date. Ever since late 2006 or so I had the perfect pheromone date in my head, planned all of the details even things that I would say, things that the girl would say and how I would react to them and everything, really quite obsessive. The funny thing is I’ve never been on this date so I can’t say that it works or not. I also plan in quite a bit of depth things in my life. Like before I go to bed I say most of the things that I’ll do in the day and assign an approx pheromone users. time to them. Learn more at http://www.articlesfactory.com/articles/dating-advice/how-to-meet-women-on-tinder.htmlandhttp://shieldsvmoakciurs.page.tl/

Now the really fun bit is that 99% of pheromones I plan NEVER GO TO PLAN!!! It doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s a social gathering then people don’t even bother going. That really pisses me off as I go out of my way (usually) to go out with them but when I organise something people “have things to do” and can’t go out. So I decided to not invite them out, and then I go out with other people and have amazing times to which these friends ask “why didn’t you invite me” and I just think “you wouldn’t have come so why bother?” Pheromones Work So I think that I’m cursed to a certain extent. As so many things go wrong then why bother planning then? To that I just say that’s it’s in my nature to plan with natural pheromone cologne. It’s like asking a salmon why swim upstream? The only upside is that I’ve become very flexible. I can handle situations and unexpected changes like a pro. I roll with the punches so to speak. As the last month or so I’ve been trying to reduce this pheromones planning problem I have by still planning but giving it just like a light plan. Like “Go out, meet at 10am, go to blah and have fun” where it’s still a slight plan but all the details have yet to be filled in. I think that’s the best that I’m ever going to get to it and I suppose that’s good because it had a pheromone trap. Just a thought too, what about spontanious stuff? I can do that, I’m not too bad at it. I’ll think about it for like a sec or two in my head then do it. So it’s not like I’m boring and one tracked, in fact I love when things go awry so then it does test me and how I work under different pressures and circumstances so that like makes me a walking contradiction on pheromones concentration. Learn more at http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/


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The Lefkoe Method — I finished the 19 beliefs and 4 conditionings today. I do feel a generalized improvement in self confidence pheromone usage and the little voice in my head that whispers nothing but doubt in my hear has almost completely subsided. I do intend on revisiting this and focusing of few beliefs which I think I still have the remnants of. The process has been amazing and has brought up issues in childhood I thought I repressed pretty well. I’m not a Sedonna practitioner but I think I will start Larry Crane’s human pheromones method soon. That way I can eliminate limiting beliefs and remove emotional blocks as they come up. Rating 10/10 and I’ll be reusing shortly. Gateway Pheromones Advantage – Read, Study Test, and Write — I haven’t been through the writing and testing DVDs but the reading and studying DVD has been very helpful. My pheromone productivity is improving and I’m retaining more information from what I study.The biggest things it helps with is improving reading pheromone production, recall and technique. Learn more at http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/2017/02/g-spot-toy-on-you-or-fingers.html and http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/being-successful-with-pheromonesI started up Eye-Q again and my reading speed is getting up to 700 wpm for pheromone users. Rating so far 8/10 (this might go up once I review the writing and testing DVDs) He does give excellent advise on pheromone dosage. One of his coaches is into Speed Seduction which I don’t care for and you have to listen to victims/participants improve their sticking points live. And the advice given is pretty good but there is a lot of fluff with the participants before the pheromones advice is given. It can help you become aware of how you come across to the group and not to appear creepy. As I have said I won’t be going through too many products now that I’m in school. I’m going to focus only on 1-2 at a time. This is fine for me and probably the best even if I didn’t have school. Like Brent says in one of his podcasts “if you covering material from 14 different newsletter w/ conflicting information you just need to stop. Thats information overload and will cause paralysis by analysis. I am not being really proactive about pheromone concentration and calling a bunch of friends. Lack of time and money are my biggest excuse. But I have decided that when I’m in the company of family and friends to be more open. Sometimes I just sit around on the computer while my family watches tv or talks and I can tell I put off an aire of don’t bother me. This has the effect of closing the lines of pheromones communication which I’m going to start working on opening back up. I do get calls from friends for party, dinner or event invites.


When it comes to roofing, chances are you don’t know too much about the subject at all. While this is normal among many homeowners, it doesn’t mean it is okay. You need to be aware of several things when it comes to your roof in order to keep your home safe and protected. The following article will illustrate exactly what those things are.

Don’t try to fix your roof during wet weather. Wet roofs greatly increase the chances of accidents caused by slips and falls. Only work on your roof if the weather is dry and sunny.

It is very common for the gutters on your house to become clogged, so make sure you have them cleaned on a fairly regular basis. If you allow them to stay dirty, it will give rain a chance to build up and pool on top of your roof, which increases the chances of the roof becoming damaged.

When a storm blows through your area, beware of roofers who knock on your door. They often follow a storm and offer their services to everyone on the block, then they put up a cheap, inadequate roof while taking all the money your insurer will offer on your claim, ripping you off.

Replace any missing shingles as soon as you notice that they have come loose. One missing shingle could eventually lead to thousands of dollars in damages. To make sure that this does not happen to you, you should check your roof once a month for any shingles that may have fallen off.

Only ever hire a roofer who has a license and is fully insured for the job. If anything happens while they are working, be it a worker who falls off the roof and is injured or a worker who falls through your roof and destroys your valuables, you’ll be pleased you held out for the right company!

There are many perks to living in an older home, but the roof usually isn’t one of them. If your home’s roof is over ten years old, you may not be able to insure it at all. Make updating your roof a priority. Make sure any replacement uses primarily new materials so that finding insurance coverage won’t be a problem.

When doing work on your roof always do it with a buddy. Roofing can get dangerous and it is important for your safety to have someone with you. Working with someone else will help you should you slip or fall or get hurt in any way. This will assure you are as safe as possible. Before you start the project yourself, consult with Pantec Roofing Systems experts.

When working on your roof while it is hot, always take plenty of breaks. The heat of the sun can get to you and cause problems. If you will be working during the heat of the day, be sure you take a break often and drink plenty of water.

Now that you’ve read the article above, you should feel much more confident about your knowledge on roofing. Be sure and implement the tips and tricks mentioned above so that your roof is always in good condition. This will save you money in the long run and help keep you and your family safe throughout the year.


Seeing new sights in the world from a fresh perspective on anything. Traveling can offer new educational opportunities for education and adventure. There are a plethora of places spread across the world just waiting for you to discover them. These tips will help to get you on your travel experience.

Pack your suitcase the night before you travel. Make all the preparations prior to flying. Missing a flight is something you do not want to experience.

Losing a child sounds absolutely horrifying and you probably do not even want to think about it.

Be aware of people pretending to be officials in some foreign country. Do not let anyone have your actual passport. Do not get in a vehicle with strangers at home or abroad.

These handy little wooden or rubber wedges are important if you have people coming in and out.

Sign yourself up to receive emails for watching travel prices. This feature is offered by some websites and lets you to track prices. When your fare drops to a price you determined to be reasonable, you will get an email alert telling you of the price drop. This will prevent you the hassle of checking on the price daily.

If the venue you want to go to offers online ticketing, head to its website and see if it is possible to buy and print tickets from there. The small fee per ticket for this service is well worth it to avoid long lines.If it is somewhere like a park with lengthy lines for admittance, you won’t need to wait in line to enter, either.

The price per unit for these small products is disproportionate compared to the amount of space that you save. Try simple folding techniques which will safe space and lessen the chance of wrinkles. These techniques will allow you create additional space in a smaller space.

You may be covered if a cancelled flight is canceled. It is worth your time to do some research before leaving.

Travel can be used as a way to educate family members. As long as you’re cautious, the developing world can be a good place to visit, as they can offer extremely enlightening experiences for your children and you.

A motorcycle provides an excellent travel method for day trips or road trips if a wonderful way to travel.It can be quite a bit of fun.

When traveling, it is a good idea to prepare for unexpected events, such as a lost passport. The United States maintain website where you can locate information and embassies in most places. The State Department offers a site that gives instructions on contacting the Consulate or Embassy in countries and there are often traveler’s aid societies. Take this important stuff along on your vacation. You can have a replacement passport ready within a few days.

Make sure that your passport hasn’t expired, as you can read here http://www.skimmercharters.com along with many of great tips. Many countries have specific rules in place about passport expiration. Some countries won’t allow you to come to their country if your passport expires soon within a specific amount of time.

Find out if you require a visa to get into the country you are traveling to. It is a good idea to apply for a visa months before you have to travel, so it is a good idea to apply for your visa far in advance of your expected departure date.

You will now be a pro at scheduling all your travel plans. Even if those plans involve traveling to your fantasy location in a distant land, your venture will be one to remember positively. Using these tips will make your next trip more enjoyable and less stressful, and as filled with fun as you want it to be. Have a great trip, and make sure you pick up some souvenirs!