Intimacy and Confidence

Imagine the biggest lion in the pack; confident that his dominant position is unassailable, he is comfortable in his environment and not vigilant about potential threats. – Beta males prefer passive aggression to outright confrontation. Beta males are often pussies. – Beta males seek validation and approval from their peers. – Beta males feel a need to explain themselves. – Beta males get jealous. Alpha males make their girlfriends jealous. – Beta males pedestalize women. Learn more at use terms like “the one” or consider their object of affection to be devoid of flaws. – Beta males are anxious to get commitment from a girl. Since they get so few chances, they try to “lock down” a girl as soon as one shows some interest. High sexual mastery men are very reluctant to commit. – Beta males orbit the girls they are interested in, become their trusted friend and shoulder on which to cry when their boyfriends mistreat them, and then make their move by declaring their love and that “all you say you want has been right in front of you this whole time” hoping to get in their pants. This never works and they’re invariably pushed back into the friend zone. – Beta males follow their girl’s lead. – Beta males are predictable. Men and women both have a tendency to project their own preferences onto the opposite sex, particularly if they are raised in the gender equalist tradition that says men and women’s brains work in the same way. For example, women like men who are ambitious and accomplished, and so many of them presume that men must find those same qualities attractive in women. They don’t. Similarly, men like women who are predictable, reasonable, drama-free and not fickle, and so falsely presume that women must like the same in men. Betas are predictable, because they believe women appreciate this. The women reading this will know instinctively how wrong that is. A man who is predictable is boring to women. Women thrive on drama and volatility. The more emotional ups and downs, the more strongly she will bond with her man. The couples who have the most ferocious fights are often the ones who have the most passionate sex. – Beta males are clingy. – Beta males were, more often than not, raised by bitter or domineering single mothers who complained about how men are assholes and how her son should be a sensitive and considerate man who respects women. – Beta males complain instead of taking action. – Betas make love. They gaze tenderly into their lover’s eyes in the missionary position while listening to Barry Manilow. They penetrate gently. They ask, “Is this good for you?” Real men grab their women by the neck hair, mount from the rear, do as they please and presume that she enjoys it, which she invariably does. Whole books could be written about how not to be beta, but that’s not the aim of this one. If you’re interested in exploring this topic further, read Robert A. Glover’s seminal work, No More Mr Nice Guy.

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