before we begin about human pheromones.

All right so before we begin about human pheromones. This one will take a long time because I don’t know it yet. But you pretty much have…you have all the basics…… you have everything I can tell you right now… to work out every single pheromone perfume. Find out all the rules, find out what all the possible obstacles are . Learn more at out how someone was evaluating you as a player and whatever pheromones they’re trying to play. You actually already have everything that you need to work that out and I’m going to go through a lot of that with you because it’s going to save you a few hours of kind of struggling doing it on your own with natural pheromones. Ideally I would have had you do it on your own first , do a little bit of the hard work first…before we got a little bit off track and I also wanted to get to the list of sexual pheromones in your hand s because a lot of people were feeling like they didn’t have anything … they wanted to go out and do all the stuff… the lack of having some scripting type of statements intelligence getting in the way. So I wanted to give you that in hand as well. I wanted to give you another piece , it is a what you call meta – piece or overarching… something overarching something that has a higher level of importance than even a goal or even a pheromones relationship. You know game goal is short time frame sexual pheromones , long term relationships you know marriage that’s the goal… girlfriend …FB… you know multiple L.T.R. Those are all considered pheromone attraction. But there’s even something else higher than that … higher than a pheromone perfume and that is a purpose . Now a purpose is more a long the line like a life theme or a personal value .. for example one of my purposes is to always continue learning because I enjoy it because it fits in with a number of my purposes which is to help others with pheromone attraction. So for those two higher level purposes of pheromone attraction. All my game goals have to align with those and when they don’t I don’t have the same amount of power in executing them and sort of a bad example or I will give a good example after this … but if you look at the purpose of say…a pheromone user… they have a purpose and you notice that they have a very dedicated you know…(unclear) much belief in the idea and the goal of human pheromone attraction …and there is a lot of power behind it. You know they’re not giving up. We keep at it , they keep going , they go through harsh condi tions. Y ou coul d say the same thing about it…something else Mother Teresa , you know she had a very high purpose for her which is to help the poor and she subjugated a lot of the other conditions in her life to that but it’s what kept her going with true pheromone oils. Learn more at

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