Custom Home: Interaction Between the Client and the Builder


When you are building a custom luxury home, you need to set out adequate time for planning. You will be glad that you put in enough effort for the planning. You need to hire a builder who have the experience required to convert your dream into reality.

You need to have multiple pre-construction meetings with your designer and the builder during the planning phase. Once the planning phase is complete, you will then need to have at least one on-site meeting per week until the construction is complete. Some clients make the mistake of not visiting the construction site at all or visiting it very rarely. One should never do that. 

You should make sure that the builder appoints a designated supervisor to oversee your project. Custom home construction project is not simple. Hence, the supervisor needs to completely dedicate himself to the project. The supervisor should have excellent communication skills. He should work with the client closely and keep the client informed about each and every step of the project.

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