Contract for a Custom Home Project

Whenever you decide to work with a particular custom home builder for a project, you need to have a foolproof contract or agreement in place. But, before you sign the papers of your contract with your builder, you need to surely go through the content of the contract in a thorough manner and you need to fully understand the terms of the contract. Your understanding of the contract should be such that you should not be surprised by any additional costs later on in the project.

The contract should contain complete details about the approximate timeframe that will be taken by the custom home builder to complete the construction. This is to ensure that the builder does not take his own sweet time to complete the project. There should be a mention of the cooling off period during the construction. You need to make sure that the contract has complete details of the plan including the warranty of the materials used in the construction of the house, any insurance coverage and so on. Once you thoroughly understand the contract, you can then sign the contract.


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