Hypnosis Dimensions

The third type of area leads to avenues where journeying spirits can cross over to other dimensions and worlds. Note that these avenues lead to areas outside the realm of the spirits. So once you enter these avenues you are no longer dealing with the spiritual plane. For example, there have been cases of people finding themselves in purely mental planes where beings are educated by intelligent beings who are much more advanced than our own species. The areas outside the spiritual plane are generally not threatening or frightening although you may want your client to be cautious when interacting with beings and spirits from this dimension (just to be on the safe side). The fourth type of area is fondly called the playground by many practitioners because beings who reside in this part of the spiritual plane are here because they can have some real fun. That’s right, sprits actually do engage in rest and recreation in the spiritual plane! What do spirits do to unwind in the spiritual plane? Spirits have also been known to dance and practice different kinds of music whenever they want to. Learn more at https://hypnosisnlpblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/18/steve-creates-a-plr-hypnosis-session/

The beautiful thing about this type of area is that spirits actually make an effort to come together so they can interact and enjoy recreation with other spirits and beings. This just shows that spirits in their purest state still seek the company of others, even outside human society and civilization. The fifth type of area is the region of reflection. As the name implies, the region of reflection is dedicated to pursuits that require focus and most of all, peace and quiet. Personally, I think the region of reflection and other similar regions amplify a spirit’s ability to learn and advance themselves mentally because the whole area is devoted to studying, meditating and reflecting. The sixth type of area is called the learning arena. In the learning arena, spirits and other beings are huddled together to receive the knowledge and instruction of advanced mentors and teachers from within the spiritual plane and beyond. Spirits spend time studying and refining their own knowledge because that is also one way of advancing oneself. Unlike material wealth which we cannot carry over to the next life or even to the spiritual plane, knowledge stays with us even though some of its may be temporarily hidden from view every time we are born into a new life. In the realm of the spirits, learning is never-ending and the opportunities to learn from others are also unlimited. To a person who loves learning, the learning arena is a wonderful place to stay because everyone in this region is interested in acquiring old and new knowledge. Should you still be interested in these special regions of the spiritual plane even if you have no interest in encouraging your client to explore the plane? The answer is yes, because there will be times when your client will suddenly report to you that they are in an unfamiliar place and that they are surrounded by spirits who seem to be busy doing something. The second benefit is that a person would be able to use their own subconscious mind to explore a special region of the Universe that cannot be reached by any man-made vehicle. The only difference between past life regression and classic hypnosis is that you will not be asking your client to forget all of the things that they have seen, heard and experienced during the regression. Learn more at http://myhypnosisonline.blogspot.com/2016/10/a-past-life-regression-hypnosis-session.html

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