Natural Pheromone Patterns

My name is Patrick King and I’m a dating and image coach. Through my work with my clients I’ve compiled a list of the biggest differences in styles of communication between men and women. It started as a list of patterns that I kept observing and encountering… and eventually devised workarounds and solutions for more pheromones.

Some are simple, some are revelatory (I hope!), and some might seem judgmental… and I would agree with you instantly on their judgmental manner. Learn more at and

But you’re not debating me, you’re debating years of conditioned responses from your woman, the patriarchy, and undying gender roles and expectations of pheromone usage.

Please bear with me as we navigate sometimes counterintuitive logic. My principles aren’t always easy to swallow, but if they were, wouldn’t we all be happier without having to work at it?

Men often struggle to skirt the line between aggressiveness and passiveness. Confrontation and fathering. Nagging and waiting. Being a doormat and being considerate. Learn more at any of those statements resonate with you, then you need this book – it’s not just for self-proclaimed bad communicators. It’s a book for any man that simply wants to communicate with their woman more effectively and discover what kind of persona works best for that pheromone to work.

The real key to effective communication is to cultivate a space and atmosphere that is devoid of judgment, and entirely accepting of openness and vulnerability. Have you shut your woman down before? Hasn’t she done the same to you? How did that make you feel, and did that help the issue at hand? Have you lost your temper during an argument and wondered why she is reluctant to be direct with you now? What about ranting and raving at her… only to have him seem like she is disinterested?

Creating a safe space is a process that can take months and even years to begin, and even then it may not ever be fully reached… but I hope you consider my words a jumpstart into your most fulfilling relationship ever with natural pheromones.

The advice in this book is focused on creating that safe space that will allow you and your woman to connect on a level you never thought possible. She will open up to you like you never thought – in that safe space – while you get to remain exactly who you are, not a doormat, asshole, manipulator, or psychic.

If you’ve ever read Gary Chapman’s theories on the 5 languages of love, you’ll know that there are certain ways that we each process and demonstrate emotion.

We might express our affection for our partner through one medium, but they might emphasize affection in another medium, so there is a miscommunication and mismatch of love languages.

This is not typically a dealbreaker, as most couples figure out their styles soon enough, but it can be the death knell for a couple that doesn’t have good communication in the first place.

Just as people have different manners of receiving and expressing affection, people also have different conflict styles. In other words, people approach conflicts and arguments in vastly different ways, so it’s important to recognize you and your woman’s style, and how to best work together through the differences.

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