Achieve greater heights with the right pogo stick

Pogo stick is a great entertainment as well as sporting equipment. While making a purchase a few things have to be kept in mind. Since the pogo stick has to accommodate your body weight it is advised to pick a stick depending upon how heavy or light you are. This does not mean the stick should be heavy for a well built person. Most sticks are light and as it needs to be carried wherever one goes. The stick should not be larger than the person themselves. For instance there are specially designed pogo sticks for adults and children. You can make a pick depending on your age.

The pogo stick should be bought based on the type and spring power. This is the basis of choosing a stick. A powerful string can help you achieve greater heights and this is what children normally prefer. But it is not advisable as it could cause injury to the kid, hence be cautious while using a powerful spring otherwise opt for a less stronger spring. The spring can be made of foam spring, rubber band springs and so on. Experience also plays a vital role in selecting a pogo stick. If you are an experienced hand you can try a powerful spring pogo.

Children should never buy sticks that are meant for adults and vice versa. An expert user would prefer to have a stick that could give him/her decent air. Durability is another factor that needs to be checked while buying a pogo. If you want to find a long lasting stick price factor should not be considered, as a lasting product definitely comes with a price. Pay more and get branded pogo equipment for your kids. The life of the spring should be longer for the pogo stick to stick around for some time with you. A fine balance between durability and price is needed to end up with the right purchase.

People of any age love to play with pogo sticks as it is not just exercising equipment but also is a lot of fun. Using pogo you can perform cool tricks effortlessly, but of course it requires a lot of practice to master the art. Modern pogo sticks can take you to a maximum of 7 feet and sometimes even more. The market also stocks classic pogo equipment that are preferred by most. It is also used as a toy by young boys to perform tricks. The stick is made of metal frame that is covered by foam and a non-slip foot pads and handles. The rubber tip helps you stay in control. It is not just used by boys even young girls use it as an exercise equipment to stay fit. Using helmet while playing with pogo stick is advisable.


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